Optical coatings

DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH provides comprehensive thin film technology for optical components and applications in the ultraviolet (UV), visual (VIS) and infrared (NIR/IR) spectral range. The extensive standard program contains single- and multilayer systems for V-Coatings and broad-band coatings, dielectric and metallic coatings, absorbing layers as well as filter coatings.

In the latest apparatus for vacuum deposition in combination with perfectly optimised process technology, flexible, excellent trained professionals and an optimal equipped testing and measuring laboratory a wide variety of standardised and custom adapted thin film systems will be realised solid and repeatable at all times.

Also our engineers develop optimised coating systems with recent design software according to customers specification (dielectric and metallic coatings for UV, VIS, NIR and IR ranges), they establish processes in the coating plants and optimise them in each case to the geometry of the specific substrates.

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