Spectral scale coatings and filters play an important part in many applications. Because of these varied applications DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH has an extensive program of standard thin film systems at its disposal:

Graduation coatings (dielectric / metallic)

Cemented or uncemented R:T-graduations - Used in beam-splitting mirrors or cube beam dividers splitting ratios of 50:50 and 70:30 / 30:70 are provided as standards. Depending on application and specification there are metallic and dielectric versions.


Long-pass, short-pass and band pass filter - The standard coating systems are characterised by extreme edge steepness, exact reproducibility of the cut position and a high transmission in the pass region.

Colour filter - At a high transmission in the required spectral range all other spectral ranges will be reflected reliable. Combinations of single filters enlarge the variety of colours.

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