Spherical optics

DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH provides in co-operation with its partner DD - Optik GmbH a comprehensive product range of spherical and plano-optical precision components. The range of production contains high-precision round and cylindrical optics of optical glass and special materials for highest demands, with diameters between 4,0 mm and 200,0 mm. by plane filter glasses diameters up to 300 mm or dimensions from 5,0 mm to 250,0 mm edge length are possible.

A comprehensive tool stock, oriented to radius programme of DIN, allows an optimisation of production costs already with the optics design.

Several optical quality levels range to cleanliness of 4 / 1 x 0.016 (DIN 3140) or 5 - 10 (MIL),
centre thickness +/-0.01 mm, surface irregularity 3 / 0.2 (0.2) and centering 4 / 0.5’ after DIN 3140 / ISO 10110.


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