Systems and assemblies

Beyond micro structuring and coating solutions DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH positions itself as provider for integrated system solutions in the optical system technology. The activities include system engineering incl. optics design, construction, mechanical precision components (incl. finishing) and electronics.

For the increasing demand in integrated system solutions and assemblies DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH provides own mounting services for opto-mechanical assemblies. The support of our customers in development projects, particularly of optical system development and system design, will be arranged tailor-made together with professional engineering partners.

To make logistic processes of the customers more (cost-) efficient, DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH supports its customers with an extensive range of services in obtaining system components from professional production partners, which stand by DDO philosophy of “speed, precision and reliability”. This includes

  • Electronical and electromechanical assemblies
  • Mechanical precision components (turned and milled parts, incl. finishing)

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