DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH

Brilliant authority over 50 years and in second generation in

  • Precision divisions (microstructures and combined microstructures)
  • Thin film technology
  • Optical and mechanical precision components
  • Optics design / Coating design / Development / Construction
  • Opto-mechanical system-engineering

Together with its co-operation partner DD-Optik GmbH and professional partners for mechanics, electronics and system-engineering DDO-Strichplatten und Dünnschicht GmbH is optimal positioned as components manufacturer and system provider. We support our customers already during development phase of new products, also in solving complex tasks.

Thereby our SpeedLINE service permits extremely short development and product launch periods. Our competent knowledge of the high quality standards in industrial optics enables us to produce and deliver within the agreed time single parts and high volumes in constant strong and forceful tested quality.

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